Have you used a ClearPro Barrier? Let us and others know what you think!

Gate is totally clear, material is totally sturdy, and my dogs respect the barrier. (Even my little jumper isn’t jumping over it. He just rests his front paws on it.) 16” height is nice to step over. And we love the pop of red in the frame! We are so excited by these fresh and modern gates! Amazing concept!

Caren S

I just got my Clear Pro Barrier yesterday! OMG, I love it! Not only does it look great (much better than the makeshift gate I had been using for months), but also my dog can see through it. Since she can see through it and see me, she is much more content. It's so easy to put in place. I leave mine up because it looks great and I can just step right over it. Best purchase I've made in a long time!

Laura Myers

From my first contact with ClearPro Dog Barrier, I knew this was a Five Star company! The customer service was prompt and efficient and I could not have been more pleased. I know the Dog Barrier will not disappoint once I receive mine. Thank you Diana!

Kris Deckelman

This is a great product! I love my ClearPro Barrier! The gate I was using was cumbersome and a pain in the neck. The new Clear Pro Barrier looks very nice in my home, my dog can see through it and it is a piece of cake to put it in place. Actually, I don't even move it. It looks nice and I can easily step over it when going in and out of the room. This is one of the best purchases I've made in a long time.

Your product is not only functional and will meet our need, but it is beautiful! Coming out to our house personally to assess, measure and help us to design our custom barrier for the stairway was so appreciated. Thanks again!

Rich & Stu